Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Contemporary Business ●Department of Contemporary Business Department of Contemporary Business
Faculty of Education ●Department of Education Specialization in Early Childhood Education
Specialization in Elementary education
Specialization in Health Education
Faculty of Human Life Science ●Department of Food and Nutritional Science
●Department of Lifestyle and Space Design
Faculty of Liberal Arts ●Department of Japanease Literature
●Department of English
●Department of Cultural Studies
●Department of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
●Department of Music

Graduate Programs

●Graduate School of the Humanities and Cultural Sciences ・Course of English
・Course of japanese Literature
・Course of Cultural Studies
・Course of Lifestyle and Space Design
●Graduate School of Health and Nutrition ・Course of Health and Nutrition


●Research Institutes ・Research Institute of Christian Culture
・Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences
・Research Institute of Developmental Science
・Research Institute of Living and Environmental Sciences
●Other Facilities ・Certified Center for Early Childhood Education and Care