Sendai Castle: the Uses and Abuses of "Heritage"

An Outline of Sendai Castle

 1) History of the Castle
 2) Earthquakes: Destruction and Reconstruction
3) Sendai Castle Today

The Mt Aoba Park Development Plan

Sendai: a Special Kind of Castle

Excavation and the gRediscoveryh of Sendai Castle
(1) Rewriting the History of Japanese Engineering
(2) The gReconstructionh of the Northeastern Corner Turret: a Blatant Forgery

The Battle for Sendai Castle

The Future

AFTERWORD: A Happy Ending

The Walls Today


The City of Sendai plans to build a turret on the northeastern corner of the Main Enceinte of former Sendai Castle. This plan was originally conceived of by the local Chamber of Commerce as a way to promote tourism. However, this plan has come under severe criticism from historiansf and archaeologistsf societies throughout Japan, as representing a serious abuse of a major historical site, and thereby providing a dangerous precedent for gheritage developmenth throughout Japan.


J.F. Morris

Miyagi Gakuin Womenfs College,
Sendai, Japan

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