Child Future and Community Studies

MIYAGI GAKUIN Women’s University (MGU) is one of the 20 universities selected for the “Private University Regionally Specific Studies Project” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT) for the fiscal years 2018 to 2020.

We are delighted and proud to promote academic research and practical improvements for children and the community, both globally and locally, under the title of “Child Future and Community Building after the Great East Japan Earthquake”: by constructing a community research center based on a child-centered perspective” (“Higashi Nihon Daishinsaio Keikitosuru “Chiiki kodomo gaku no kochiku”).

MEXT “Private University Regionally Specific Studies Project”, 2018-2020:

Child Future and Community Studies: Overview

As a university located in the disaster area, actively promoting a regional revival, we find that “Learning support”, “Food education”, and “Children’s Ibasho (a child-friendly environment)” are essential issues.

Based on our findings, we aim to create a base for community research from a child-centered perspective. Furthermore, we intend to focus on the university’s objective, “Foster the growth of children in the community,” by sharing the results of research with community leaders in order to more effectively empower both citizens and children.

Regional Child Studies

Regional child science is a new concept that has emerged from discussions among members of this project. Focusing on children’s viewpoints and children’s subjectivity, we aim to improve community development and community formation with the cooperation of leading local citizens and other members of society. In order “to respect the growth of children” (Kodomo no sodachi o toutobu), the “child-centered perspective” emphasizes a viewpoint that analyzes the needs of the child as an intrinsic member of the community. It, therefore, considers the opinion of the child. Furthermore, it refers to a future-oriented project in which both the citizen who is currently active and the child as a future leader, are involved in examining and finding ways to improve and participate in community development, as a more significant social issue.

What is the Regional Child Science Research Center?

Our center is open to all, not only to members of academia and local government but also to parents, teachers, school staff, local leaders, men and women, small children and students from grade school to university. Our center is also connected locally and globally, to consider and to discuss how to create better communities and societies. If you are interested in a brighter future for children, and a child-friendly environment “Ibasho”, do not hesitate to contact us.

Child Future Center, MGU, Sendai, Japan
E-Mail address : childfuture-c@mgu.ac.jp

Mutsuko Tendo (Professor, General Education Department)
Research field: Women’s Studies, Sociology of Education, Family Sociology
Tomoaki Adachi (Professor, Department of Education, Faculty of Education)
Research field: Developmental clinical psychology
Kumiko Tanno (Associate Professor, Department of Food and Nutritional Science, Faculty of Human Life Science)
Research field: Nutrition education (Sports nutrition)
Yoshinori Honma (Professor, Department of Lifestyle and Space Design, Department of Human Life Science)
Research field: Architectural and Environmental Engineering